Transforming Fear to Joy

A Yoga Sequence for Your Physical Body—Annamaya Kosha

Our being is made up of three bodies — the gross or physical-energetic body, the subtle or mental-intuitive body, and the causal or spiritual-bliss body.  All three bodies need to be in constant communication with each other in order for us to function as a whole integrated being, that is, efficiently and effectively. 

The gross body disintegrates at death. The subtle body disintegrates at rebirth, allowing you to develop a new personality in your next life. The causal body reincarnates again and again, carrying your karma with it like luggage. It finally disintegrates at the time of liberation, when the higher Self disengages from the cycle of birth and death.    Linda Johnsen

These three bodies—gross, subtle and causal or spiritual—communicate with each other via our inner five sheaths or koshas—annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vijnanamaya and anandamaya. 

Our outermost material or physical sheath, the Annamaya kosha, consists of skin, flesh, fat, bones and the food we eat.  This dense sheath cannot exist without communication or contact with the other four energy-based koshas.  Yoga teaches that the Annamaya kosha, for the most part, is barely activated with regard to its highest evolutionary potential.  The obesity epidemic confronting the United States is one such example of unfulfilled potential in the Annamaya Kosha.

The INTENT of the Annamaya Kosha is STABILITY. The two actions practised in the yoga sequence below strengthen, ground and stabilize our physical sheath. Continue scrolling down through an illustrated sequence here.


  1.  Grounding:  Lift (or draw a line) from the centre of the inner arch to the inner ankle, inner knee and inner trochanter.  Draw a line from the inner ankle to the outer heel.