Transforming Fear to Joy

About Helen

Helen Maupin, M.A. – Coach, Writer, Speaker, Yogi

Helen has spent 25 years helping individuals, teams, communities and corporations come to life.  She approaches transformation from a whole-person, whole-planet perspective.

Helen uses a variety of transformation tools to assist clients in assessing and adapting to the complexities emerging in their lives. By simplifying the complex and engaging each person’s innovative capacity, she enables them to shift from surviving to thriving.

As a coach, Helen facilitates personal transformation, leadership development and transformational writing within an environment where awareness, deep-felt experience, deep collaboration and creative expression are foundational pillars.  Establishing this firm foundation frees her clients’ potential for creative self-discovery and self-expression.

Helen is a proven asset in helping people to be leaders in their own lives.  A number of these leadership tools including her transformational model and personal practices can be found in her books — From Now to WOW —  Step by Step, An Invitation to Transformation and Creating Space – The Practice of Transformation – Vol. 1.

As a long-time member of the Socio-Technical Systems Roundtable, Helen is actively involved in redesigning theory and practice relative to today’s adaptive work systems.

An award-winning gardener and published author, Helen also enjoys writing poetry, teaching yoga and meditation, and practising in spiritual community. For over 33 years, she has been a member of various book clubs.

Peace                    Love                    Joy