Transforming Fear to Joy

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Essential Skills for the 21st Century

As the decades pass with technology continuing to accelerate change and demand innovation, increasingly sophisticated skill training is required at younger and younger developmental ages.

When Is Enough, Enough?

In 2015, newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named 15 women and 15 men to his cabinet. Unbelievably, the media questioned him as to why, and

Intuition — The Disruptive Skill

In this era of interconnected, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (iVUCA) challenges, disruptive products and services are much sought after. These innovative devices, ideas or

Emotional Suppression — Are We Witnessing its Swan Song?

If I polled people, myself included, as to whether they were taught to recognize and successfully navigate their emotions, they would all likely answer the same — “No way.” In fact, children and adults are still trained to suppress rather than express emotion. The evidence is present in such statements made to young males as — “Boys don’t cry” or to adult women — “If you want their respect, don’t let them see your tears.”

Turf to Trust — Co-creating an “I to We” Shift

Image 2115105 © Andrey Semenov | Dreamstime.com In light of what I view as fear-based American politics and propaganda, apparently, the emotional war between the ego’s desire for turf

Truth, Beauty & Goodness — Shared Values to Live By

Effective businesses organize around what is considered valuable and call this their value proposition. So, it is not a huge leap for global society to recognize the significance of organizing around what it deems as valuable. The question remains, “What universally shared values are foundational for the prosperity of people and planet?” Answering this question has everything to do with accepting that our emergent experience constitutes a New Normal, and a good deal of the uncertainty experienced in this New Normal is attributable to the shifting nature of our values.

Drivers of Change — Health and Harmony 

For several decades, individuals, organizations and economies juggled the increasing impacts of global forces in their attempts to both understand and capitalize on these disruptive