Transforming Fear to Joy


Why is transformation so important today?

Incremental change or continuous improvement is no longer enough to prepare us for the new challenges and complexities we face today whether in our personal lives, within our families and communities or within our workplaces.

I think we all recognize that new approaches, new mechanics, new relationships are necessary if we are going to make a dent in, let alone eradicate, the visible inequities on our planet. Radical or transformational change—rather than incremental evolutionary change—is required. Nothing short of a dramatic change in appearance and identity within society, within business and within ourselves.

This is why I wrote From Now to WOW: Step-by-Step, An Invitation to Transformation. It is essentially a DIY guide that will enable you to achieve the transformation you need to

* integrate skills, behaviour and performance,

* identify innovative solutions,

* increase ownership and responsibility,

* inspire self-awareness and creativity,

* improve interpersonal relationships.

Where does “transforming fear to joy” fit?

Life has sped up.  Complexity, uncertainty and chaos are consequences of accelerated living, which can be overwhelming and frightening.  Massive social, technological, environmental and economic upheavals indicate we are still in the midst of self-discovery and transformation.  Fully accessing our mind-body-spirit potential is the key to unlock the unknown.

This has been my work for over 25 years whether with individuals, teams, communities or organizations . . . to help myself and others move through our fear of the unknown, our fear of change, into that joyful state of exploration, adventure and creation.

SPICE — A Simple Tool for Transformation

The need for change comes upon us when we find ourselves out of balance whether it is with our environment, our relationships with others, or from within ourselves.  We all want to add SPICE to our life in balanced and healthy ways.  I use SPICE as an acronym for becoming aware of all aspects of ourselves – S for spiritual, P for physical, I for intellectual, C for communal or relationships and E for emotional.  In which of these aspects do you feel joyfully fulfilled?  In which do you feel you lack joy?

From Now to WOW:  Step by Step — An Invitation to Transformation

from now to WOW book cover
Step by Step – An Invitation to Transformation

A WOW experience will look very different to each of us.  For some, a WOW might be as simple as organizing your weekly schedule or getting to your job on time.  For others, a WOW experience could mean achieving a lifetime goal you diligently worked toward for years.  WOW could be a profound spiritual experience — an experience difficult to put into words but felt to be deeply transformational at your core.

From Now to WOW
(SOFTCOVER Edition – 233 pgs)


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