Transforming Fear to Joy

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Big Muscles, Big Responsibility

Did you know that quadriceps means “four heads”? This term of reference includes the four front thigh muscles

Side Bends Aren’t the Pits

      Some years ago, in a yoga class taught by B.K.S. Iyengar, he was quoted as saying, “If you open your armpits, you’ll

Grounded and Centred

Establishing a healing yoga practice at home is challenging even for advanced yogis.  In order to continually return to your yoga mat without the guidance

The Root of All Things Good

Trees are patient creatures.  They live a long, quiet time, and they know how to stand firm through all the changes of day and night,

Shoulder the Load

Because the shoulder joint, with its wide range of movement, can be one of the loosest joints in the body, it is vulnerable to injury.

Move It or Lose It

A well-oiled machine performs much better and lasts considerably longer,  as those of us who ride bicycles or drive cars know.  The same mechanical principle

Getting a Leg Up

Many of us take our lower legs for granted, without realizing the significant role calf muscles play in circulating blood and oxygen.  In yoga, we

The Examined Life

Many Western societies have compartmentalized healthcare by focusing treatment and prevention on one aspect of our being — body or mind or spirit — rather

Keeping Your Cool

Each season brings its own benefits and challenges.  Hot humid summer days help to unwind tension and tightness built up from fortifying against the blustery