Transforming Fear to Joy

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A Path to Supta Virasana (Supine Hero Pose)

Many yogis struggle to find sattva (contentment and ease) in this reclining asana. Hence, why it is considered an intermediate pose and not taught until

The Yoga of Self-realization — Concentration

For all students determined to follow a spiritual path toward enlightenment, the first discipline Eknath Easwaran defines as a necessary ingredient is meditation. However, the

A Yoga Practice to Energize Hope

photo by Jeremy Williamson Hope inspires and expands; fear inhibits and implodes. When I saw these beautiful crocuses, I was immediately reminded of how Earth

The Big 6 Yoga Poses – a gift of vitality

When we move past a place of “just enough” into excess, our energy and vitality is replaced with lethargy.  Brahmacharya is the practice of using

The Big 6 Yoga Poses

Many years ago while I was beginning to practice at an Intermediate level, my Iyengar teacher of the day shared with me these six poses.

3 Poses for Peace

As Remembrance Day nears, I am reminded to give thanks to those peace-keepers who served and are still serving Canada. Whether on this shore or