Transforming Fear to Joy

Transformational Coaching

Life, Leadership, Career, Spirituality

I am a certified coach specializing in Life, Career, Leadership and Spirituality coaching.  My SPICE coaching model is results oriented and holistic in its approach to attaining a healthy balance across all aspects of your life—mind, body and spirit.  I abide by the International Coach Federation (ICF) code of ethics and core competencies, and I also hold a Masters of Arts (Psychology) degree.

With trust and integrity, my coaching has —

  • shifted negative behaviour into desirable outcomes
  • implemented gap analysis and action planning (assess/act/adapt)
  • clarified and executed performance goals (results-centred leadership)
  • enhanced self-awareness and self-responsibility
  • increased social-awareness and responsibility
  • transformed the whole person (SPICE–life and career transitions)
  • developed and mentored the leadership of self-managed, high-performance work teams
  • developed writing skills and processes (creative and technical)
  • navigated the rediscovery of passion, purpose and potential
  • increased organizational knowledge, creativity and productivity
  • facilitated the adoption of a new management style and culture
  • shifted competitive interactions into collaborative relationships

What is Transformational Coaching?

Coaching begins with self-awareness.  With self-awareness, you come to know who you are and to build a solid inner foundation from which you then come to know life.  As a Life Coach, I typically work with you over a three- to six-month timeframe to clarify your vision and to establish strategies and action plans for achieving what you want.  Through listening, observing and utilizing your existing strengths, customized solutions emerge and are applied to meet your specified needs.

You will find my coaching book, From Now to WOW:  Step-by-Step, An Invitation to Transformationa useful tool.  You can also download a free copy of Chapter 1.

Why do it?

When you want to achieve mastery — whether athletic, business or personal — a powerful alliance with a coach produces exceptional results.  Everyone is creative and resourceful.  A coaching relationship purposefully moves you to authenticity and actualization.

What can you expect?

Transformation Cycle 2016 06 07

In the process of refining your integrity, below are a sample of the results accrued from your experience and actions:

  • Positive encouragement and feedback
  • Development of new perspectives, skills and habits
  • Clearer thinking and decision making
  • Enhanced emotional control and healthier relationships
  • Increased confidence, creativity and commitment in realizing potentialities
  • Greater satisfaction and joy in living and working

How is it done?

Transformational Coaching Model
transformational coaching model

1. Start from what is no longer working (ways of being):

  • conflicts
  • failure to achieve goals
  • crisis of competence/confidence

2. Listen to and test interpretations (beliefs):

  • life patterns
  • perceptions
  • assumptions

3. Use data to shift perspectives & behaviours (transformation):

  • personal assessment
  • archival

    Look for these skills from your Coach: 

  •  Building trust and rapport
  •  Listening
  •  Observing
  •  Questioning
  •  Providing feedback
  •  Summarizing and committing to next steps

One-on-one growth-oriented coaching can take place via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or in person for those living in or close to Winnipeg, MB.

For a free 30-minute coaching consult, contact me via email:  [email protected] or by phone: 204-899-9154

To ensure finances are not a limitation, I offer a fee range from $100-$150/hourly session.  Other payment options can be explored as well.

Pre-payment is required by direct deposit or PayPal.