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Easing into Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I Pose)

The Warrior poses in yoga tradition represent the qualities necessary for all spiritual journeyers. Every spiritual tradition understands that life’s journey requires each of us

Easing into Twists

If we take time to twist our bodies, we will untwist our minds. Beth Spindler Twisting daily restores the spine’s natural range of motion, purifies

Backbend Into An Open Heart — Part VII

During times of social isolation from friends and even close family members, we especially need heart-warming and heart-opening rituals and experiences. These practices remind us

Backbend Into An Open Heart — Part VI

If you have already practised my previous five backbend sequences, you recognize those practices are directed toward intermediate or advanced yogis. However, backbend yoga poses

Vinyasa: Asana that Warms From the Inside Out

For the past six weeks, I illustrated different mini inversion sequences intended to open you to the benefits of turning upside down. Most specifically, the