Transforming Fear to Joy

Arguably, two of the most well-known quotes are those of Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi. Einstein reminded us that when we continue to repeat the same mistakes (war–Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc.) but expect different outcomes (peaceful co-existence), we are investing our energy in insane actions. As Western nations withdrew from Afghanistan, the pundits began their discourse on the stress, expense and profits of war.

We spent about 2.3 trillion dollars on this war. Two trillion of it went directly to US contractors. So while this was a horrible war for many people, some people got very rich off of this war. The contractors’ stocks went through the roof. There was a 1,500 percent return on their stock prices during these 20 years. A lot of profits were made in this war selling the kind of products that the US government would buy, but not what the Afghan people actually needed. Joe Cirincione, Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

As the Taliban continues to strengthen its power position in Afghanistan, many of my conversations with everyday citizens reflect disappointment, disbelief and outright cynicism toward our own ‘heads of state’ and political parties. The shameful interference in and then abandonment of Afghanistan is worsened by the current nonsense within Canadian politics. Trudeau and the Liberals are more interested in a political power grab than in supporting citizens’ needs over their remaining two-year mandate. Singh and the NDP are focused on telling us what the Liberals and the Conservatives aren’t doing instead of what positive changes the NDP is going to do. O’toole and the Conservatives main platform appears to be a non-mandated vaccination policy. Paul and the Green Party are so busy in-fighting that little energy will be left over for either campaigning or governing.

Last week I wrote about the