Human Energy — Use It Don’t Abuse It

From a yoga perspective, our complex human makeup involves five layers of “being” in the world — physical, energetic, mental/emotional, spiritual and joy (my label). The more elusive layers of being human — energy and joy — are less well known and less studied in the western world of medicine and science.  Nonetheless, both are just as significant as their counterparts.

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Energy Transformation — Say What?

Prior to practicing yoga, I had a very superficial understanding of energy. Either I had it, or I didn’t. For me, it was a felt sensation in my body signalling how invigorated or deflated I judged myself to be in that moment.

Many years ago, during a Reiki session, the practitioner working on me asked if I could feel energy moving in my body. I was puzzled by her question and instead answered, “What I feel is tingling in my feet.” “That’s energy,” was her reply, “you feel it when it moves.”

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