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Human Energy — Use It Don’t Abuse It

From a yoga perspective, our complex human makeup involves five layers of “being” in the world — physical, energetic, mental/emotional, spiritual and joy (my label). The more elusive layers of being human — energy and joy — are less well known and less studied in the western world of medicine and science.  Nonetheless, both are just as significant as their counterparts.

Mindfully Cultivating Confidence

At various times in our lives, each of us experiences the feeling we could do anything we desire.  It’s a powerful and uplifting sensation, so

What Meditation Taught Me

  I began my meditation practice in 1992, almost 30 years ago. Without question, meditation was and is instrumental in transforming my thoughts, feelings, words

Energy Transformation — Say What?

Prior to practicing yoga, I had a very superficial understanding of energy. Either I had it, or I didn’t. For me, it was a felt sensation in my body signalling how invigorated or deflated I judged myself to be in that moment.

Many years ago, during a Reiki session, the practitioner working on me asked if I could feel energy moving in my body. I was puzzled by her question and instead answered, “What I feel is tingling in my feet.” “That’s energy,” was her reply, “you feel it when it moves.”

Self-determination — You Can Heal Yourself

Whether you are parenting infants and teens or managing a team of employees, your ultimate goal is to develop their self-determination — the skills and

Mindfulness II — It’s Art and Science

In last week’s blog, Mindfulness — In Pursuit of Wisdom, I equated mindfulness or calm awareness in the present moment to an elevated state of consciousness. 

Integration — Our Internal Tipping Point

Last week in Peace is Possible:  A New Tipping Point I wrote that our parents’ generation (for those remaining baby boomers) was taxed with transforming war and

We Are All on a Spiritual Journey

The prospect of e-publishing my latest and longest developing book, Creating Space – The Practice of Transformation, Volume 1, is close at hand.  March is

Seeking Fulfillment? Choose Joy

For several months I have been meditating on letting go of desire and ambition.  Why you might ask?  Because desire and ambition surface from perceptions

When Less Really Is More

Are you feeling stretched to your maximum attending to the competing demands in your life?  With all that you have to do is it difficult

To Meditate is to Be

Just as we are moving from experiencing 3D to 4D in the movie theatre, our world seems to be moving from three levels of consciousness