Transforming Fear to Joy

Suspended Animation: a Time for Meditation

Each week another once taken-for-granted freedom returns as the number of COVID-19 cases declines. For our quarantined three months, a sense of suspended animation left time for us to experience a new normal.

Although this journey appeared to be occurring on the outside, it also registered deep within each of us. Arguably, most of my conversations with others contemplated a different future. One where global agreement on climate change would become a priority. In my heart I know, if we can make peace with the earth, we will learn how to make peace with each other and within ourselves.

Below is a poem that arose from one of my meditations over this past three months of new normal.

Suspended Animation

A deep calling to know unfathomed truth
finds us in suspended animation.  Dormant,
each one’s invisible battle plays itself out.
We know not what comes.

Or do we?  For always, inner conflict
offers the possibility of truth.

On one side of a fine balance
rests personal empowerment.
Time to live in our genius. 

On the other awaits vulnerability,
raw exposure of a face-to-face kind.
Time to reckon with inhibitions.

Only fear remains … fear of fragility,  
of shattering or eroding to a weaker state.
Settling resistance with emerging promise
unwraps a truth that sets us free.

May 2020

May we be safe. May we be happy. May we be healthy. May we be peaceful. May we be filled with loving kindness. Namaste.

Picture of Author: Helen Maupin

Author: Helen Maupin

Helen is passionate about transforming fear into love — from her, for her, for all. She expresses her commitment to transformation through writing poetry, self-awareness and yoga books, co-designing organizations into adaptive enterprises and deepening her daily meditation and yoga practices.


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