Transforming Fear to Joy

Happy Birthday to all you “glorious and free” Canadians.  This blog is not a beer commercial and I am not a beer drinker, but Molson’s is celebrating Canada’s birthday in a uniquely joyful way.  When we can put a smile on each others’ faces, isn’t that truly the best reward!

Although Canada is not perfect in today’s socio-political arena, it puts a smile on my face to be abiding in a relatively free and physically beautiful country — not war-torn, not-yet-polluted by a huge oil and gas pipeline, not killing people for their faith or sexuality.  It has taken generations of courageous acts (and will continue to) so we, 35 M strong, may live with “glowing hearts.”

My heart is still aglow from a Sexy @ Sixty in Saskatoon birthday party for my dear friend, Millie.  Saskatoon’s downtown and riverbank development puts many Canadian cities to shame.  When I asked my sexy Saskatchewan friends what they thought made the difference,  the consistent reply was — “The mayors in Regina and Saskatoon have turned this province around.”  Winnipeggers probably already know where I am headed from that comment — Get out and vote for a mayor who thinks social and environmental development are as important as economics.  Statistics say, happy, healthy and beautiful improves the economy.  Saskatoon certainly illustrates the case.

So, whether you are like Millie and celebrating a new decade or like most Canadians and celebrating “true patriot love,” I salute your courage with the poem below.

Solitary Courage

Be brave little one.
Walk surely but lightly in the world.
Shelter yourself from raging winds,
but come out to play in the sunshine.

Take courage child heart.
Run toward life with arms wide open.
Cry great gasps when pain strikes,
and always give freedom to tears.

Fear not beloved soul.
Dance passion into living dreams.
Release doubt and darkness,
and grow gently into the light.

 29 January 2013

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