Transforming Fear to Joy

Core Pain — What’s Yours?

Emotions and beliefs drive our behaviour.  When we act out of love, we create loving positive outcomes.  When we act out of pain, we create painfully negative, fear-filled outcomes.

As a human global culture, we all have a secret negative belief about ourselves, a core pain that sets up our “normal” responses to people, things and events.  Many of us may never discover this hidden, deeply engrained emotional ‘set-point’ or, conversely, think it is part of our nature and therefore unchangeable.

Such a core negative belief establishes our negative self-concept, which becomes the organizing principle for who and how we operate in the world.  It drives everything we do.  However, by becoming aware of our patterns of thinking and behaving, we can interrupt a negative set-point and instead choose to respond with positive words and deeds.

I wrote the poem below when I was challenged by my core pain.

Beauty & the Beast

Like the frosty haze of a sub-zero Arctic morn,
I stand still,
too dense to see through crystallized air,
too conflicted to step forward, not backward,
tho’ the feel is of a backward tug.

That beast of willful impatience has me wanting,
salivating for luxury living,
for filling myself up with nothingness,
as though something is lacking.

Disappeared from view, the visionary creations
of revelations on paper, the sacred space,
the unfolding and flowing forth of soulful living.
The beast in me would strive to survive
while the beauty stretches to thrive.

 22 January 2013

What beauty within awaits your recognition?  What beastly core pain drives your behaviour?