Transforming Fear to Joy

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A Discovery Roundtable

Yesterday, our STS community considered the ecosystem within which individuals, organizations and networks live and work.  Both the implications of New Economics and Big Data

Journey to Ithica

We glimpsed a very inspiring future yesterday during the Equitable Food Initiative’s (EFI) presentation.  The presenters demonstrated the collaboration power of their emerging ecosystem —

Practicing the Art of Dialogue

Europeans, Americans and Canadians kicked off their 2013 Discovery Roundtable with a hearty discussion of what constitutes humane, healthy, innovative communities of work.  Although cultural

Designing for Radical Transformation

wiangya / FreeDigitalPhotos.net What do you see as the greatest source of uncertainty in today’s world? Certainly, driving forces such as digitization, globalization and individuation

Leading Radical Transformation

Balance is merely the fusion of opposites.  In the workplace, balance is the fusion between continuous improvement (incremental change) and disruptive innovation (radical transformation).  When