Transforming Fear to Joy

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Drivers of Change — Health and Harmony 

For several decades, individuals, organizations and economies juggled the increasing impacts of global forces in their attempts to both understand and capitalize on these disruptive

See with Intuition — not Illusion 

Having a new perspective alludes to using all six senses — intuition as well as taste, touch, smell, sound and sight — to deduce what is real. Intuition, our sixth sense, is our brain’s and body’s ability to sense truth and make good decisions without having to rely solely on using empirical evidence (observation or experience) and analytical reasoning (theory or logic).

Collaborations — Not All Are Equal

Whether your entrepreneurial spirit is showing up as an artist, a yoga teacher, a widget producer or an organization designer, most seemingly solo enterprise owners would agree that we can no longer “go it alone.” The complexity of business and the speed at which change is occurring require us to partner with those who have the information and skills we lack. Collaboration has become, without a doubt, the new normal when it comes to inventing and coordinating work. Of the four major projects I am currently working on, all are collaborations that involve anywhere from two to seven contributors.

Relationships — Are Yours Push or Pull?

I am currently doing two things I really love — reinventing myself and collaborating with a like-spirited person.  Over the past eight months, my dear

Work’s Golden Era — 10 New Norms for Work

Assimilating the interconnected, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous—iVUCA—demands of our current socio-economic environment can trigger considerable stress in our work and workplaces. The upside of

What’s Your Process for Healthy Living?

For decades, organizations and individuals spent most of their energy attempting to continuously improve their performance.  Until the advent of Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology,

It’s a Digital Ecosystem World

Ecosystems are not a new phenomenon. The term has existed in relation to the natural environment since 1934 when coined by British ecologist Arthur Tansley

Customer Experience Mapping — Part II

Customers [and employees] expect exceptional experiences and have plenty of other choices should you not rise to the occasion.   Lior Arussy As we are learning in