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Deep Collaboration — Have You Covered Your 4 Bases?

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During my early work career, authority and control were still operational skills for organizational leaders, which was the main reason I opted for self-employment.  Frankly, working in autocratic hierarchical organizations of that day was paramount to having one’s creative flame snuffed out.   Read more »

Emotional Suppression — Are We Witnessing its Swan Song?

The streets of London have their map, but our passions are uncharted.     Virginia Woolf

If I polled people, myself included, as to whether they were taught to recognize and successfully navigate their emotions, they would all likely answer the same — “No way.” In fact, children and adults are still trained to suppress rather than express emotion. Read more »

Feminist — Are You or Aren’t You (a 15-point Checklist)

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In celebration of the recently passed International Women’s Day, and feminism in general, I read Chimananda Ngozi Adichie’s Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions. As a feminist raised in the 1960’s and 70’s, I was curious to see whether my views of feminism reconcile with those of contemporaries growing up in this turbulent millennium. Read more »

Internal Issues — 2017’s Top Corporate Challenges

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In both informal surveys and more rigorous data samples, corporations today report their greatest problems arise from internal issues. In particular, three challenges — alignment, systems and cooperation — top the list of a number of executives across multiple industries. In contrast, decision making, technical problems, innovation and unmotivated employees are far down that same list. Read more »

Difficult Emotions — A Tool for Awakening to the Present

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Since Donald Trump’s January inauguration as 45th President of the United States, a groundswell of shock, disbelief, anger, fear and sadness has arisen around the world.   Read more »

Turf to Trust — Co-creating an “I to We” Shift

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In light of what I view as fear-based American politics and propaganda, apparently the emotional war between the ego’s desire for turf and the heart’s desire for trust is in full swing. Read more »

Optimal Decision Making — Integrating Intuition and Intellect

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Donald Trump, real-estate mogul and newly-elected American President, has been touted as opportunistic and unpredictable by more than just the media.

Read more »

Truth, Beauty & Goodness — Shared Values to Live By

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Today, we celebrate the U.S. federal holiday honouring Martin Luther King, Jr. In 1963, this visionary ecumenical leader and equal rights activist penned the famous “I Have a Dream…” speech, Read more »

Reflect & Redirect — From Doing to Undoing

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Each January, in order to take stock of how I am choosing to live my life, I take time to reflect on the past and present, and potentially redirect myself for the future. Read more »

Integration — Complementary Skills for Healthy Change

This blog is one of a three-part series on the health impacts of integration (wholeness) in our self-esteem, relationships and ability to enact meaningful change in our lives.

Each of us is the next step in evolution along the lineage created by our two
parents. Our higher purpose on earth can be found by recognizing what our
parents accomplished and where they left off. By reconciling what they gave
us with what they left us to resolve, we can get a clear picture of who we are
and what we are meant to do
[be].    James Redfield Read more »


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