Yoga Actions Asana Glossary

When Candace and I joined hands to peacefully, lovingly and joyfully collaborate, we originally planned for one book. The universe indeed has a sense of humour considering how limited our initial vision. This glossary is the sixth (and we think final) book in what became our Creating Space: Yoga Actions series. Not only did one year of collaborative creation turn into five but other creative endeavours opened up as well — Yoga Actions 200- and 500-hour CYA Certified Teacher Training.  And if that was not enough, we designed a 12-week whole-person transformation program — Foundation-Flow-Freedom — soon to be offered online.

One way to use this glossary in your practice is choose a pose from each category — standing, forward bending, inverting, back bending, twisting, sitting, core strengthening, and hip and shoulder opening — and create a linear sequence.  Before you begin practicing the sequence, you may want to complete three to five Surya Namaskara (Beginner or Intermediate Sun Salutations) to warm up your entire body.  Also, it is vital to end your practice with some variation of Savasana (Corpse pose) for five minutes or longer. This ending allows your body, mind and spirit to rest and rejuvenate before returning to your day.

We hope this glossary, as well as all our collective works, enable you to find your foundation of truth, to flow peacefully through your life and to freely express who you are.