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Yoga Actions for Legs & Knees

Book Cover: Yoga Actions for Legs & Knees
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ISBN: 0973514094 / 9780973514094
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Pages: 157
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Not everyone can do all yoga poses, but everyone can do all yoga actions.

Yoga Actions for Legs & Knees is the second in a five-volume series of print and e-books emphasizing primary actions for specific areas of our body.

With Legs & Knees, we continue to emphasize the importance of self-determination on our path to greater enlightenment. When we so choose, yoga awakens us to every aspect of our being — spiritual, physical, intellectual, communal and emotional (SPICE).  By applying these offerings of muscular, skeletal, organic and breath actions, you will experience radical transformation from the inside out and the outside in.  The beauty of each described action is you can use it in any pose to experience the benefits of both the pose and the action.  Strengthening and aligning our ‘container’ establishes the solid foundation we need to understand and integrate the remaining seven limbs of yoga.


Reviews:Darlene Sveinson wrote:

At first glance, Creating Space: Yoga Actions for Legs & Knees appears to be a simple, uncluttered instruction resource that offers clear descriptions and images of yoga postures. Upon spending more time interacting with the brilliance of technology, one discovers the depth of detail layered into this gem of a practice guidebook. Helen and Candace have succeeded in creating a book that invites experimentation and a deepening of current practice, skillfully guiding the practitioner to ‘dig deeper into your inner experience and awareness’. Intelligent use of props ensures a safe, aligned practice for all levels while ‘teaching the practitioner to trust support in order to release emotional holding’. The partnership shared between Helen, a ‘stone body’ and Candace, a ‘plant body’ provides the reader with a full range of action instructions, making this resource applicable to a broad spectrum of yoga enthusiasts.

Nancy Cherewayko wrote:

Candace and Helen have merged their years of workshops, training and personal practice into book form. As a visual learner, I appreciate the pictures of the poses, but particularly like the skeletal images and arrows showing the action's direction. For senior yoga teachers, teachers in training and anyone practicing yoga, these books give you tools for clearer understanding and move you forward on your yoga journey. Thanks Candace & Helen for sharing. Namaste.

More About Yoga Actions

Creating Space: Yoga Actions for Feet and Ankles  guides the reader through 10 Beginner Actions and sequences, 10 Intermediate Actions and sequences, and 3 Integration (more advanced) Actions and sequences. Each sequence is visually demonstrated with 12 to 14 photos resulting in a total of 279 images throughout the 151 page book!

Each yoga action is designed to create healthy feet and ankles through a carefully developed sequence.  You begin with Pre Poses to open your body and acquaint you with the action. Then, you move to Peak Poses and Plus Poses to expand your experience and self-discovery.  You end with Post Poses to wind down and rest deeply. 

You may not immediately feel the yoga action in your body.  It may take a few poses so continue using the action for the entire sequence of Peak and Plus Poses.  Then, let it go during the Post Poses as you relax even more deeply. Let patience, commitment and personal compassion be your guide.


Helen & Candace