Transforming Fear to Joy

Designing for Deep Collaboration

New Building Blocks for an Integrated Platform

Book Cover: Designing for Deep Collaboration
Part of the Helen Maupin Organizational Design series:

In an effort to achieve both vision and goals, all forms of organization (including networks and ecosystems) face the ongoing challenges of how to learn and to coordinate human effort. This book outlines the elements of a contemporary organizing platform based on deep collaboration that facilitates learning and coordination within the increasing complexity and uncertainty of today’s environment.

What is unique about the STS-based deep collaboration platform is its ability to capture and scale value-added human potential. In comparison, traditional collaboration platforms, fostered by Information and Communication Technology (ICT,) emphasize tools and technology.

The book further describes how the five (5) elements of this new integrated platform — STS Ideals, Shared Purpose and Values, an Organizing System, a Value Creation System, and Triple-Loop Learning — leverage both human and technology potentials.