Transforming Fear to Joy

On Being Human — Joy is An Inside Job

In last week’s blog, I wrote about the five layers that comprise a human being — physical, energetic, mental/emotional, spiritual and joyful (my label).  Much of my discourse focused on human energy, that invisible but felt experience of life force, animating our daily existence. In most cultures, we spend a good portion of our life learning about and attempting to integrate and balance our physical, energetic and mental/emotional layers.

Fortunately, a spiritual renaissance has resurrected our curiosity about the mysteries of life.

Mankind has come to a major crossroads, at which the spirit alone can lead us toward human survival.  

We wage, in our way, a revolution based on love. We seek to replace an old, oppressive order, not so much politically or socially, but within our minds where it lives and works. We try to hate no one, for we recognize that hatred itself is the enemy. We hope to change the world into a place of grace and love. The first shots have rung out in this revolution, but they were not shots. They were bursts of light, streaming silently yet dramatically through the hearts and minds of millions. This historic unfoldment has already begun, and it is playing out on inner planes. The question on most people’s minds, whether conscious or unconscious, is this: What will happen now?     Marianne Williamson, written 1994

Williamson wrote about this spiritual awakening close to 25 years ago.  I remember because I was a part of it having clearly decided that peace, love and joy would guide all my choices.  Though it wasn’t easy, that decision-making principle served me well over this past quarter century.  It took much inner contemplation and outward creation, but these three choices rolled into one made for a more peaceful, content, loving, kind and joyful me.  For many, like me, who chose the path of loving kindness, both inner peace and joy unfolded.

And yet, the question remains:  What will happen now?  In 2016, Marianne Williamson wrote the following reply to her earlier query.

The world is falling apart in many ways, because humanity has not cleaved to love. And in our modern arrogance, we thought we could get away with that. Alas we cannot, and the time has come when the moral order of the universe will re-assert self — with or without our cooperation. Denial and distraction can numb you to the revolution, but they can no longer protect you from the revolution. On the level of consciousness, it has already begun. There are only two choices for any individual: to join the revolution of love, or endure the revolution of fear. 

Put so simply, either choose love or choose fear, how can one do otherwise?  Well on a daily basis, millions and probably billions are choosing fear.  Below are some of the fearful choices we currently live by —

  • condoning violence and murder as a means to an end (i.e., war; bombing or shooting unsuspecting people in the name of religious freedom; executing criminals on death row; torturing terrorists or spies)
  • denying fleeing refugees from crossing our borders
  • allowing wealth to be hoarded among 1% of humanity
  • valuing money over love and life
  • seeking mastery (power, control) over others instead of over ourselves
  • raping and pillaging the planet

Mass consciousness certainly has yet to hit a “love” tipping point, which is why the majority of passers-by do not feel joy in their hearts or register it on their faces.  Joy, felt deep in the soul, is unconcealable and undeniable.  Those, who have opened their hearts and unveiled their love/joy layer of being, show it in every action they take.   In simple terms, they are lovely joyful human beings.  Think about your own inner circle of family and friends, you must be able to count at least one such person.  Now reflect on what it would take for the rest of us to freely express our own love and joy.

In this season of spiritual celebration, please, please, please don’t wait for others to offer their love to you.  Be the first to initiate loving kindness to yourself and to others.  Make this your practice for the next 14 days and witness the joy pour forth from deep within you.   No one or no thing can bring you joy because joy is an inside job.  It emerges when you truly love yourself for only then can you express love into the world.