Human Energy — Use It Don’t Abuse It

From a yoga perspective, our complex human makeup involves five layers of “being” in the world — physical, energetic, mental/emotional, spiritual and joyful (my label).  The scientific world does much to define, dissect and develop our physical body.  Psychologists, psychiatrists and the like are well at work on our mental/emotional capacities.  Arguably, religions attempt to nurture our spiritual essence and experience.  However, the more elusive layers of being human — energy and joy — are less well known and less studied in the western world of medicine and science.  Nonetheless, both are just as significant as their counterparts.

In truth, a lack of energy and joy is the simplest description of depression.  The World Health Organization claims depression is the “leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide.”  IMHO, there is a high correlation between the rapid growth of such joyless illnesses as depression and anxiety and our current global ignorance of the important role energy and joy play in living a productive, harmonious and meaningful life.

In the case of human energy, ignorance is not bliss.  When we aren’t aware of or don’t understand the energy moving through our body, we don’t know how to expand or reduce it.  Ultimately, our ignorance can lead us to misuse energy, which results in such illnesses as bipolar disorder.  The manic-depressive mood swings common to this disorder reflect a severe energy imbalance.

If you are interested in screening yourself for bipolar symptoms.
If you are interested in testing yourself for depression or anxiety.

So, what do we mean by human energy?  Energy is generally defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical and mental activity.  Most commonly, energy is referred to as “qi” by the Chinese, “prana” or life force by yogis while others call it “aura” or “chakra” power.  All agree that just as Earth has an energy field within and surrounding it (i.e., electromagnetic) so do all organisms.

As depicted below, our human body contains seven chakras (energy vortexes) beginning with the Root located at the base of our pelvis and travelling up the face of the spine into the Crown at the top of our skull.  These chakras, when balanced and calm, have proven to effectively relieve pain, enhance cognitive skills and ease mental illness.

As you go about your day, your energy field is constantly reflecting, absorbing, projecting and even deflecting the energy of everything around you.     Mindvalley

Thus, our individual energy field essentially provides for and protects us through its constant movement and changing nature.  And, a lot of this activity occurs deep below the surface of the skin.  Even healing that is visible to the eye (broken leg, acne, cuts and bruises, runny nose and fever, etc.) requires moving energy.  Energy’s significant cleansing and healing powers, whether through our own internal involuntary systems or when these are combined with external applications, are always active.

In order to balance and sustain a healthy level of energy, I practice yoga, meditation and positive affirmations (mantra or prayer).   However, research has also proven both Reiki and crystals to be effective energy equalizers.

The word Reiki comes from “Rei” meaning God’s wisdom or higher power, and “Ki” meaning life force energy. Combined, Reiki means “spiritually guided life force energy.”   Mindvalley

Mikao Usui, the Japanese Buddhist who developed Reiki therapy, included mantras like the one below to enhance spiritual and physical healing.

“Just for today, I will not anger.
  Just for today, I will not worry.
  Just for today, I will be grateful for all my blessings.
  Just for today, I will work with honesty and integrity.
  Just for today, I will be kind to all living beings.”

“Mind over matter”, as in the case of a mantra, is an age-old remedy for healing.  A much older remedy used by ancient and contemporary civilizations is that of crystals and gemstones.  Note the gemstone bracelets and necklaces worn throughout history and by many people around you.  These gems and crystals transmit energy and, by the way, are primarily responsible for sustaining all of our technology.  Furthermore, by pairing crystals with our internal system of chakras, we can clear energy blockages created by anger, jealousy, unworthiness, depression, guilt, insecurity, resentment, physical injury, etc.

… if someone has trouble speaking up for themselves, then that relates to the throat chakra and turquoise is an effective crystal for this area. If someone has undergone an emotional trauma, it is believed to affect the heart chakra. Moldavite, malachite and emerald for cleaning this chakra, so that one can start over emotionally.    Jennifer Angel

To repeat, everything animate or inanimate is comprised of energy.  Some energy is of a denser vibration (i.e., anger, bone, metal) than other energy (love, blood, oxygen).  It goes without saying, the denser the energy, the more restricted the flow of life force.  Thus, energy blockages of dense heavier vibrations signal physical and psychological problems as well as unwanted life experiences.  On the other hand, the lighter the energy, the more lightness of being (i.e., enlightened) and the smoother the flow of life.