Transforming Fear to Joy

On Becoming Your Own Healthcare Provider

Five years ago, my regular dentist sent me to a gum disease specialist (periodontist) because of an open sore on my upper gum.  The periodontist took x-rays and determined that deep gum pockets holding bacteria around my back molars were responsible for bone loss in that area.  Her solution was to remove the back teeth immediately.  Because my teeth were not sensitive to heat or cold and my gums were a healthy pink, did not bleed when brushed and were not receding, I naturally baulked at such an extreme measure.  When I asked her for an alternate solution, she proposed I come every three months for deep-root scaling with a high-pressure water spray.  She also maintained that this alternate procedure would only delay the inevitable surgery.

Here’s where I made my initial mistake.  Instead of seeking another opinion and/or really listening to my own intuition, I opted for the non-surgical option.  In order to tolerate the pain experienced by the high-pressure water treatment, most patients’ gums are injected with a pain-killer.  Yikes, now I am getting needles in my gums. I suppose there are many things less pleasant, but at that moment, not for me.

To make a long story shorter, I endured this wretched and regrettable treatment (minus the needles) for three years.  Increasingly and due to the forceful nature of the treatment, my gums receded making my more-exposed teeth roots sensitive to hot and cold foods.  So, the treatment that was supposed to protect my gums and teeth actually worsened my oral health.  Eventually, I took matters into my own hands and in addition to my regular oral hygiene routine, I began to rinse my mouth daily with salt water.  Although, my teeth are still sensitive, my new dentist tells me there is no evidence of active gum disease, which means my maintenance program is working.  And, I still have my teeth!

I share this story with you to illustrate how important it is for each of us to become our own healer.  No one knows our body, mind and spirit as well as we do.  Even if you currently feel your self-awareness is limited, your physical body can guide you to understand your full experience at a much deeper awareness.  For instance, Louise Hay, a long-time proponent of mind-body-spirit integration, tells us that dis-ease in the body is created by mental patterns.  In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, Louise connects over 400 physical diseases with the mental thought patterns that are their probable causes.

In my gum dis-ease case, Louise suggests the causal mental pattern is “an inability to back up decisions.”  She provides a new healing thought pattern or affirmation for each physical disease.  The affirmation for me to repeat and believe — I am a decisive person.  I follow through and support myself with love.  IMHO, I am living this affirmation daily through my commitment to a step-by-step healing process.

If the mental thought patterns Louise suggests do not feel true for you, then find a quiet place to sit or meditate and ask yourself, “What could be the thoughts in me that created this dis-ease?”  What I know to be true is that every answer to every question you ask yourself is located within you.  Give your subconscious mind or the universal intelligence time to provide you with the answer.  It may not come immediately, but it will come.

If you believe as I do that every thought we think is creating our future, then with positive healing thoughts, we create a positive healthy future.

In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete.  The
past has no power over me because I am willing to learn and to change.
 I see the past as necessa