Transforming Fear to Joy

Creating Space: The Practice of Transformation, Vol. 1 – Inspiration

Creating Space: the Practice of Transformation — Inspiration
Creating Space: the Practice of Transformation, Vol. 1 – Inspiration

The journey we each travel in our lifetime is none other than the road to self-discovery and self-mastery.  No one person can take us there for this is a personal and unique experience.  In the end, we lead ourselves into and out of the shadows wrestling for their time to shine in our consciousness.  With our awareness, as we illuminate  each shadow, truth finds its way out of our depths into the sunlight.  Slowly it emerges, at first uncertain and overwhelmed by the brightness until it is warmed by our embrace of recognition and understanding.  With the emerging acceptance of each self-truth comes the recognition of choice.  Do I want this truth to represent me, to be who I am in the world?

Chapter 1 is the first of 12 to be published in this two-volume handbook.  We are offering this chapter as a sneak preview and look forward to your feedback.  A sample preview is available on Amazon or a digital download can be linked to below.

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