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Core Pain — What’s Yours?

Emotions and beliefs drive our behaviour.  When we act out of love, we create loving positive outcomes.  When we act out of pain, we create

Leading Blind:   What Don’t You Know?

 For most people, the key to becoming a better leader lies not in training or skills development, but in self-awareness.      Les McKeown Whether we

Meditation — What is it and Why do it?

Meditation is a practice aimed at strengthening concentration and stilling the mind.  Both of these outcomes are often accomplished by focusing one’s attention on a

Compassion — A 3-Step Formula

When attempting to define compassion, many begin by describing it as non-judgment.  As someone who wishes to focus on what I want in life rather

Authenticity — The Real Me

In last week’s RRRN meditation and writing circle, we explored our hero/villain archetype — the dual expressions or boundaries of our human experience regarding who we

Leading Radical Transformation

Balance is merely the fusion of opposites.  In the workplace, balance is the fusion between continuous improvement (incremental change) and disruptive innovation (radical transformation).  When