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Numb One, Numb All

As humans, we do not have the capacity to selectively numb out only our dark emotions.  When we numb out any emotion, we numb out

No Pain, No Gain

In the early 80s, the marketing slogan “no pain, no gain” became the motto for exercising the body’s muscles to the point of fatigue where

To Meditate is to Be

Just as we are moving from experiencing 3D to 4D in the movie theatre, our world seems to be moving from three levels of consciousness

Uncertainty’s Landing

One of my greatest challenges in living fully present is to stand confidently in the stillness of emergence.  You know that place . . .

Ideal or Shadow: Which Rebel are You?

  People who know themselves have the power and magnetism of confidence.  This charisma draws others seeking self-knowing.  Why?  Because an enlightened person cannot be

Meditation – Mind Altering without Drugs

Meditation is a practice aimed at strengthening concentration and stilling the mind.  Interestingly, no one counters me with, “Why would I want to stop my


  Several years ago, I began a consulting journey integrating IT systems with social and business systems.  I could see the “writing on the wall.” 

The Journey from Fear to Joy

This Joy Blog marks the beginning of my new way of being in the world. Throughout my life, writing has led me deeper into awareness