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Distraction vs Direction — The Path of Addiction

When we forfeit our happiness for habitual psychological or physiological dependence, we are choosing a path of distraction rather than directing ourselves on a course of healing and transformation.

See with Intuition — not Illusion 

Having a new perspective alludes to using all six senses — intuition as well as taste, touch, smell, sound and sight — to deduce what is real. Intuition, our sixth sense, is our brain’s and body’s ability to sense truth and make good decisions without having to rely solely on using empirical evidence (observation or experience) and analytical reasoning (theory or logic).

Lonely Does Not Mean Alone

This past weekend, a friend of mine told me he feels lonely when spending time with his partner but not when he is alone.  In

Self-love — The Antidote for Addictions

The head provides knowledge, but the heart offers wisdom. Consider this — there is a positive correlation between suffering and resistance.  The more you resist,