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Feminine Leadership — We’ve Come a Long Way Baby!

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.     Dolly Parton

Leadership in the Innovation Age espouses that global leadership practices are stuck in a stubborn pattern of ineffectiveness (see image below) with the root causes being ‘command and control’ organizational structures and a predominance of male leaders.

Leadership Crisis Deepens Source:  http://www.ketchum.com/leadership-communication-monitor-2014

Well look out, boys, ‘cause things are about to drastically change! Ketchum’s 2014 leadership and communication survey correlates effective leadership with effective communication and further states the future of leadership communication is more “feminine.”  They are not suggesting all leaders should be female, however, over a considerable range of “leadership characteristics, women scored highest on the traits that people value most.”

Future is more feminine-01

Source:  http://www.ketchum.com/leadership-communication-monitor-2014

In the words of Caroline Dowd-Higgins, “female leaders offer transparency, collaboration, genuine dialogue, clear values and the alignment of words and deeds, which are cherished by employees and stakeholders.”  I think it is fair to say the verdict is out — not only do women score higher on Emotional Intelligence (EI), they are now scoring higher on leadership and communication.

By the way, none of the skills associated with EI, leadership or communication are exclusive to females.  Unfortunately, this data illustrates another example where global culture has created this gend