Transforming Fear to Joy

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Integration — Our Internal Tipping Point

Last week in Peace is Possible:  A New Tipping Point I wrote that our parents’ generation (for those remaining baby boomers) was taxed with transforming war and

Peace is Possible — a new Tipping Point

In his 1993 novel, The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield articulated the following Nine Insights as significant for the then current global experience. A spiritual awakening

Freedom is a Choice

When Canadians celebrate the birth of our nation, which is considered part of the free world, in truth, we are celebrating our political and spiritual

Owning Up: Are You An Authentic Leader?

As leaders in our own lives, our greatest challenge is to own our negative behaviour rather than hold others responsible for what we think, feel

Glass Ceiling — Alive and Well

As a feminist who has disallowed inequity to rule her life and a concerned citizen who understands the value of diversity, it is difficult to

When Is Enough, Enough?

The recent media attention garnered by Apple’s lack of social purpose and action has raised three questions for me. •  When is enough money, enough?

Face Fear, Find Freedom

Currently, I am working with a new group of clients who are all transitioning from one career to another.  As can emerge, when change is

Anti-Hazing: There’s An App for That!

Last week a small community hockey team in Neepawa, Manitoba, made the national news when a young man courageously reported incidents of hazing against himself