Transforming Fear to Joy

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EU Collaboration — No Matter What!

The world watches and waits with bated breath to see how the European Union (EU) will respond to Greece’s “No” referendum vote.  Clearly, as North

It’s a Digital Ecosystem World

Ecosystems are not a new phenomenon. The term has existed in relation to the natural environment since 1934 when coined by British ecologist Arthur Tansley

A Leadership Rant — Let Go of Fear & Control

For the past 30 years, I collaborated with small, medium and large organizations in redesigning their structures, systems and processes to fit their strategies and enable employees to serve their customers. In the 70s, we referred to this subsequent flattening of the organizational hierarchy as democratizing the workplace, which suited the social-spiritual ethos of the day. In the 80s and 90s, similar efforts were renamed as building high performing teams and workplaces. Almost two decades into the millennium, and organization designers now refer to these streamlined, democratic workplaces as adaptive enterprises. Regardless of what lessons we learned and labels we invented over the past 50 years, the purpose of an organization has never changed — to provide the necessary resources and training to front line staff so they confidently, considerately and joyfully serve clients.

Hidden Garbage — What’s Yours?

Each day of my sunny vacation here in Sisal (pronounced Seesal), Mexico, I walk along the six kilometer coastline and marvel at what the sea

3 Steps to Appreciation & Happiness 

I offer those around me patience, encouragement, support, a cheerful word, the gift of a smile – and most of all appreciation.     Louise Hay

Leadership — What the Past Can Teach Us

Whether personally or in business, January is a month for reflecting on the past and renewing commitments that move us forward on our chosen life

Cultural Change — Possible In Our Lifetime?

In the words of Malcolm Gladwell, “cultural legacies cast a long historical shadow.” They persist, generation after generation, virtually intact, even as the economic and social