Transforming Fear to Joy

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Adaptive Instincts — Forgiveness & Revenge

To understand the human potential for peace, we have to learn three simple truths about forgiveness and revenge.    Michael McCullough In his article titled, The Forgiveness Instinct,

Glorious and Free

Happy Birthday to all you “glorious and free” Canadians.  This blog is not a beer commercial and I am not a beer drinker, but Molson’s

(R)evolution — An aRm of Evolution

You say you want a revolution Well you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it’s evolution Well you know

A Discovery Roundtable

Yesterday, our STS community considered the ecosystem within which individuals, organizations and networks live and work.  Both the implications of New Economics and Big Data

Journey to Ithica

We glimpsed a very inspiring future yesterday during the Equitable Food Initiative’s (EFI) presentation.  The presenters demonstrated the collaboration power of their emerging ecosystem —

Practicing the Art of Dialogue

Europeans, Americans and Canadians kicked off their 2013 Discovery Roundtable with a hearty discussion of what constitutes humane, healthy, innovative communities of work.  Although cultural

Shifting Values II — Moving Beyond Addiction

From my own experience with addictive behaviour such as smoking, over-achieving, and pursuing money, I recognize how obsessive dependency on any thing or person enslaved

Masculinity — The Mask He (We) Live In

Over the past week, my thoughts have circled around three topics — • the state of masculinity and male conduct, • the social conundrum of