Transforming Fear to Joy

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Collective Wounds — A Rationale for Universal Values

There comes a time in one’s wisdom journey through life where healing personal wounds is outgrown and replaced by a concern for the collective wounding of the planet and humanity at large. These shared or universal wounds — poverty, pollution, oppression/terrorism — are stored in the deepest grooves of the human brain and, overtime, negatively altered our DNA passing from generation to generation in their groundswell of enmity.

Sins of Omission & Sins of Commission 

Even in childhood I recall I understood the basic difference between right and wrong.  I might not have been able to articulate my experience, but

Attention World-wide News Media . . . It’s Time to Diversify

They just aren’t getting it. By they, I mean the large conglomerates publishing the daily news around the world. Over 20 years ago, I quit watching the news
and reading the daily papers because the only stories reported were negative — terrorism, violent crimes, wars, natural disasters, death tolls. Shortly thereafter, enough of the global population must have made their dissatisfaction known as a common occurrence emerged on every news station — the reporting anchor ended her/his reading of depressing stories with one positive event.

Well, a ratio of 10 negative to 1 positive does not a true picture make.

Integrity — Is Life Testing Ours?

The mass migration of over four million Syrian refugees into the European Union poses a second opportunity for that collective of countries (as well as