Transforming Fear to Joy

Autumn is looming on the horizon. In Northern climates like mine this means a whole host of activities emerge necessary to prepare us for the eventual snowfall. Whether we northerners like winter or not, it is surely on its way and brings with it radical change.

Until then, I relish in this transition season of bountiful harvest and colourful change. You may have noticed some change in my own blogging over the past month. September is always a time for assessing and shifting priorities in my world. The garden gets put to rest and my body begins to give itself over to the mental activities of my mind. As a result, you will soon see a change in how I communicate with those of you willing to continue — from blogging to vlogging.

I hope you will stay tuned for these changes in technical format. The content, which is all about transforming our whole being — body, mind and spirit — remains the focus. Whether via yoga, workplace redesign or spiritual coaching, I will continue to speak and write on those universal practices that enable each of us to heal and grow who we are.

In the meantime, I include one of my poems below that speaks to this time of transition in all of our lives. This poem can be found in my soon to be published second volume Of Bone and Stone, Vol. 2.



Autumn speaks of celebration and bounty,
ripe with the fruits of a season’s labour.
I, too, feel ripe for plucking, ready
to share my harvest of earthly abundance.

Soon enough, winter’s arrival will blanket me
with reflection, white and objective,
without the heat stirred by action.

Til then , the warm treat of sunshine on my soul
lifts me into a dance, and with the aid of grace,
I step into one more season, one more milestone.