Transforming Fear to Joy

Photo by Jeremy Williamson

As new COVID cases continue emerging due to reduced physical restrictions, fear, anger and blame also mount. Physical freedom has been challenged, and many construe this as an assault on their personal freedoms. However, this is not true. The former exists in the outer world while the latter, personal freedom, exists within.

Each of us, through our choices, controls her or his personal freedom. I wrote the poem below with this contemplation in mind.

Fearless Freedom

When one’s inner empress and emperor
find solid footing and proportion,          
neither too much nor too little of either,
there hails harmony.

The wisdom of the ages weds its application
in this world.  Intuition births material creation. 
Hearts soar and bodies heal.

Where rage and hurt prevail, balance between
spirit and soul is lost.  Emotional sensitivity,
remnants of a thin-skinned nature,
eclipses intuition’s innate wisdom.

Exclusion and escape edge toward
darkness’s precipice.  Fear and doubt attend. 
Hearts tremble and bodies crumble.

Tho’ harmony is preferred over disintegration,
both states ennoble spiritual strength. 
From each one’s pinnacle, new choices
are more easily viewed.

Who we choose to be determines freedom. 
When fearlessly ourselves,
we find liberation.

10 June 2020

May we melt our fear into wisdom. Namaste.