Transforming Fear to Joy

 As above, so below.
As within, so without.

This week I am somewhat obsessed with simplifying and beautifying my physical surroundings, particularly my home and garden.  I knew something was emerging on the horizon last summer when I completely renovated my home office.  Eighteen years had passed since I first set foot into its third-floor cocoon.  It warranted a new face and apparently so did I.  Ever since, I shed pounds of furnishings, clothing and plants for no obvious reason than the inner compulsion to do so.  Fantastically, every pound distributed elsewhere added to a lighter feeling inside.  I’m not yet levitating but my feet touch the ground with a much softer brush.

This renovation is my familiar wake-up call to something wonderful emerging on the horizon.  Wherever new experience trends, new identity preceded it.  Herein lies the paradigm shift human beings are integrating today.  The mystery we refer to as life is not random.  With every thought, word and deed, we create around us what is already within us.  Multiply the potential of one such creator by seven billion, and we have our current existence.

If you are like me and know renovation is on your horizon, then your new identity wants to show itself to the world.  I look forward to seeing who you are without the trappings of convention.


Holding no thought, no thing, no story
frees consciousness to fill my body,
all of its cells, all of its flesh.

Such is the purpose behind silence
to allow consciousness to prevail,
to shift to the foreground rather than
wallpaper the background.

At the back of my throat, I taste ambivalence
for this no-mindedness, no-thingness.
Such a conditioning exists wanting me
to hold onto the physical world,
to grasp its objects, to believe somehow,
in their touch, I am made real.

When really, as my consciousness expands,
I fill the greatest amount of space,
beyond my cells and flesh,
beyond my outer skin,
beyond this place.

Eagerly driven to create more space,
I witness more emptiness, and
the outside mirrors the inside.
Such is the purpose behind creating space.
More space means more consciousness.
More presence means more potential
to create freshness, freedom, fun.

May 2013

What are you consciously renovating in your life?  For what magnificence are you creating space?