Transforming Fear to Joy

Summer is my time to fully surrender to nature’s call outdoors. Over 30 years ago, I committed to readjusting my “internal rhythm” to match that of the four seasons. For instance, instead of revving up my energy in September to meet that of the business cycle, I learned to treat the Fall as a time of reaping what I had sewn in the previous Spring and Summer. And when winter arrived, I hibernated to conserve energy for the upcoming planting and growth seasons. I read, I wrote, I prepared my inner being with new learning.

One of the loveliest consequences emerging from this alignment with the earth’s seasons was I no longer dreaded the long cold winters in Winnipeg. Also, I discovered what a joy it is to hunker down with only rest, reflection and restoration in mind. By the time the earth began its thaw, I was rejuvenated and eager to expand and express my energy and ideas in the outer world. To reflect this new, now normal, rhythm, my summer blogs express the poetic inspirations that emerge from my time of reflection and restoration.

Below is a poem from my book titled, Mad Woman Laughing, that illustrates this alignment process.

Open Reflections

Eyes open, ever watchful for cloaked mysteries,
the sometimes misunderstood,
offered by each moment.

Reminded by “what I see is me,”
the windows of our soul
reflect the light of truth.

Not merely watchers, we wander aimfully  
through the emerging presence filled with presents,
growing a gracious acceptance
free of pain or pleasure’s judgment. 

May your reflections and restoration reward you with creative inspiration and expression. Namaste.