Transforming Fear to Joy

Deep Collaboration Changes Everything: Within, Between and Beyond

When we rest awareness on the present moment’s emerging experience whether within or without, we are deeply collaborating with all of life.  Simply, we are surrendering to what is and trusting that what we need is being provided to us in each passing moment.  Such deep collaboration aligns us intra- and inter-personally with the flow of life (extra-personally).

Several months back, I wrote a fairly extensive blog describing the experience of deep collaboration, so why am I back on the same topic again?  Because personally, provincially, nationally and globally I still witness the competitive, controlling, war model for human (not humane) interaction and governance.  This blog is to remind us, me included, to remain positive even in the midst of such dark ignorance.  I use the word ignorance not to belittle but to state the truth as its dictionary definitions imply — lack of knowledge, lack of education; unenlightenment; lack of intelligence, mindlessness, dimness. 

 A deep sigh exits my body, as I recall my own dark days of ignorance, delusion and doubt.  For those in the world who value collaboration and recognize it as a necessary vehicle for navigating personal and global conflict, hang in there.

Whenever the naysayers yell the loudest, it means we collaborators are closer than we have been before.  Our work remains the same — be the change we wish to see.  In other words, don’t cave to the pressure to conform to competition and exclusion.  Instead, determinedly hold to the truth that deeply collaborating within ourselves (listening fully to our mind, body and spirit), deeply collaborating with others (listening fully to their minds, bodies and spirits) as well as deeply collaborating with the flow of life (listening fully to our planet’s messages) culminates in a win-win-win for all involved.

Deep collaboration at these three levels of existence is literally the evolutionary path for those living on this planet right here, right now.  Collectively, we are at a fork in the road of our human development, and, yes, depending on which fork we choose, it changes everything.  Of course, that includes ourselves.

As summer ends and September settles us into a new season, we might find ourselves rethinking or renewing our chosen direction.  If you agree that deep collaboration is a governing principle for human evolution and enlightenment, how are you practising this belief in your daily life?  Do you balance the needs of your body, mind and spirit, or do you consistently allow one aspect to dominate the others?

Are your personal relationships with others based on not just you getting what you want but on them getting what they want, too?  Or, does your need for being right and controlling events dominate?

And finally, do you live gently on this planet, that is, do you return to the earth what it requires for healthy existence?  Or, do you manipulate your physical environment without consideration for i