Transforming Fear to Joy

3-Minute Standing Sequence #2: UTTANASANA

YOGA ACTIONS:  2-directional stretch of the entire spine

  1. INHALE breath up to crown
  2. EXHALE breath down and out tailbone


  1. Repeat the YOGA ACTIONS for 5-10 breaths in each of the three variations of Chair Uttanasana.
  2. After each variation, INHALE and stand up straight.  Rest arms alongside body. 
  3. During each variation, maintain your awareness on the breath action, and notice your inner experience.

CHAIR UTTANASANA:  3 variations

1) Forearms (not heels of palms) on chair back         

5-10 Bs ea

2) Block between inner upper thighs & palms
on chair seat                   

5-10 Bs ea

– Press outer thighs to inner thighs into block.

  • Forehead rests on front edge of chair seat

5-10 Bs ea

– Webs of index fingers and thumbs press into elbow creases (not clasping outer elbows)

Picture of Author: Helen Maupin

Author: Helen Maupin

Helen is passionate about transforming fear into love — from her, for her, for all. She expresses her commitment to transformation through writing poetry, self-awareness and yoga books, co-designing organizations into adaptive enterprises and deepening her daily meditation and yoga practices.


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