Transforming Fear to Joy

The Age of Collaboration — Human with Human, Human with Planet & Human with Machine

… dependence and independence both are extremes.
Life is deep interdependence.  Osho

As a proponent of both moderation and collaboration, I recognize in Osho’s words the glaring reality currently faced by humanity.  We are not schooled in deep interdependence or what I call deep collaboration.  On the whole, we do not play well together in the sandbox called life.

More typically, we adopt nation-states with governance systems favouring dependence from the less-privileged masses and independence for the grossly over-privileged few.  We institutionalize and isolate society’s offenders and mentally ill in lieu of embracing their need for rehabilitation, loving-kindness and healing.  We exploit and destroy our planetary home without repairing the damage or living more responsibly and in greater balance with our natural surroundings.  And in our workplaces, we use technology and machinery to unfairly benefit shareholders by underhandedly overworking and underpaying employees.  Unfortunately, these same practices permeate our familial homes where one would hope deep collaboration and loving kindness are rooted.

Pundits might say that global consciousness is waging the classic battle between a dystopian and a utopian way of life.  Pessimists are likely to see any or all of the four dystopia as prevailing in today’s world.