Transforming Fear to Joy

It’s time to come together?
It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure
Everyone around the world?
Come on!         Celebration by Kool & The Gang

         Celebration of Life   by Deepaz              http://bit.ly/rMDr5B

Today, I celebrate two special events — 1 year of Right to Joy online and my 100th blog.  One year ago, I made a decision to “come out into the world” by creating a web presence.  Populating a web site with interesting and meaningful content is no small feat and not something I did without tremendous effort from others — Charlotte and Jeff in a hands-on fashion and as my ‘spiritual partners’ in dialogue and deep discovery.

As I reflect back over the year, the importance of commitment and establishing rituals as a means of discipline becomes self-evident.  This is a skill practiced and mastered in previous identities — competitive athlete, graduate student, organizational design consultant, life coach, and author.   In other words, the Universe doesn’t present us with more than we can handle.  Nonetheless, the step-by-step process from creation to completion has its own pace and not one that I can rush by skipping steps.  Herein lies the practice and mastery of an artist — details.

Although detail orientation is not my forte and dearly tries my patience, I’ve developed a deep respect for those whose heart and minds easily wrap around the concrete world of the five senses — the stuff of the physical plane.  Me, I am a ‘hopeful’ intuitor and abstractionist who, in order to lead a balanced life, must ground myself to the earth through yoga and other physical activities.

So, here I am, relatively patient and in the growth of a new identity.  The first part of my journey, setting the internal foundation, is complete.  This second stage — manifesting in the external world what I created internally — is unfolding.  It is not fully formed, nor am I, so I am ‘out and about.’


Source: unknown magazine image

I step into the space of possibility
from which all creation emerges.
What grows here?
A gentle life filled with emptiness.
All that is necessary for creation.

Through meditation’s quietude, each step
unfolds its awaiting potential.
Who goes here?
I step into the pace of possibility.
Only then do these small, slow steps
realize greatness.

I walk where all roads lead