Transforming Fear to Joy

Caterwauling for Attention or Collaborating for Success:  Which is Your Politic (or politicking)?

The Meeting Place

This park commemorates the dynamic spirit of human interaction that began over 6000 years ago here at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. It is dedicated to all those who came to the Forks and shared their vision for a better future.  Their hopes and dreams became the Canadian West.

If disrespect was the primary agenda of the October 7th Canadian leadership debate, then disappointment was the prevailing aftermath expressed by undecided voters, political pundits and desperately-clinging-to-party-line voters.

From my perspective, I feel no optimism that any of our political parties or leaders can turn around our broken political system unless they are willing to trash it and begin anew.  Here’s a thought! How about trying dialogue instead of debate.

Debating — attempting to win by defacing and/or making wrong the other voices — begets adversaries not collaborators.  I do not understand why we persist in thinking that democracy requires debate.  When are we going to accept that relying on debate rather than dialogue — respectfully listening to all opinions without denying them — limits our potential and keeps us stuck in childish behaviour?  Didn’t Trudeau, et al. learn at their parental supper tables or in their public-school classrooms that “talking over each other” is rude and unacceptable?!  IYHO, who among those leaders demonstrated human dignity and integrity?  Doesn’t it make sense to vote for those values?  And, isn’t that what this “peace” nation wants to uphold?

Even in the shadow of a debate more resembling a dark cloud, I am always amazed at the universe’s ability to offer me a silver lining.  And here it is.  I am in the final days of publishing a book co-authored by six peers — Designing for Deep Collaboration: New Building Blocks for an Integrated Platform.  This seven-year collaboration brought together Canadian and American consulting social scientists.  The deep collaboration required to produce the book is a culmination of action-research covering several decades as we