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Living in Your Spine

As yogis and yoginis, we are often told to “live in our spine” whether in asana and meditation or off the mat in everyday living.

To Move Forward . . .

Better step on it Winnipeggers know the sheer delight of exposing their feet to the summer elements after a winter constricted by heavy socks and

Fight, Flight or Flex

Stress parks itself somewhere What happens to the mind also happens to the body and spirit. — Donna Raskin As yoga teachers and writers, we all came

Stand Tall

With practise, the effort will seem effortless Our legs root us to the grounding energies and support of the Earth.  Standing on our own two

Deep Breathing

These poses will get you ready to exhale All yoga asanas (poses) are intended to be practised with sthira (steadiness) and sukha (ease) because these

From Fear to Freedom

When life throws you for a loop, just turn things around Today’s rapidly changing environment guarantees we run the risk of having our personal world

Who’s Got Your Back?

Time to straighten up and be kind to your spine Our physical body emulates Mother Nature’s flora. In common, we share roots, trunks and branches. Not

Feel Restored

Try restorative yoga to ease the mind and heal the body Physical burnout and depression increasingly affect people’s ability to live a full and meaningful

Perfection’s Not the Point

Typically, students enter a yoga studio expecting to be taught how to perfectly do each of the many hundreds of asanas (or poses) which are

Time to Go All Yin

Strengthen, lengthen and hold that pose Anyone over the age of 10 notices how simply touching our toes becomes increasingly difficult. As we age, we

Hamstrings of Your Youth

Strengthening and lengthening should put you back in balance The human ageing process begins much earlier than any of us suspect. As yoga teachers, we

Doggone Good for You

The inverted V pose is yoga’s most famous for a reason Of the many shapes seen in a yoga class, probably the most famous is