An Attitude of Gratitude — The Power of Perception

Where attention goes, energy flows.

The adage above reminds us that with our thoughts, we create our reality.  Simply put, with doom and gloom thoughts, we create a doom and gloom reality.  With thoughts of abundance, we create an abundant reality.  By choosing to focus on what we are grateful for in our lives, the energy of the universe — including our own — catalyzes into more of the same.  In other words — like attracts like.  Heartfelt gratitude attracts even more for which to be grateful.

Think of yourself as a giant magnet.  Whatever you are feeling, whether it be love, fear, anger, happiness, joy, gratitude, resistance etc., you are in essence creating and projecting a magnetic force that attracts and draws to you events, conditions and circumstances which are in direct correlation to what you are feeling.  Fear of something creates a magnetic force that can attract more of what you fear.  Expressing Gratitude for any situation projects a magnetic force that draws to you more of what you are expressing gratitude for.

Expressing gratitude focuses us on what we want more of rather than what we don’t want.  Furthermore we are notifying the universe of our intentions, which sets the co-creative process in motion.  Given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer to create what you desire for yourself?

Practicing gratitude also brings greater contentment, a sense of inner peace and serenity, into our lives.  We elevate the ordinary into extraordinary, when we express gratitude for having  —

•  the ability to eat and digest food
•  three meals each day
•  a safe and comfortable place to sleep each night
•  a sanctuary where we are sheltered
•  loving and kind family and friends
•  the intuition and intellect to create and contribute
•  the opportunity to learn something new, anytime, anywhere
•  a beautiful Earth as home
•  the ability to read and enjoy wonderful books
•  the unconditional love and companionship of a pet
•  beauty all around us
•  earth, air, water to sustain us
•  awareness
•  and so on . . .

Experiencing the contentment that arises from a daily gratitude practice accepts what is and opens the heart to joy.  Because many of us have been trained to focus on what isn’t working (the problems) in our lives, we have lost touch with the sense of contentment and joy that naturally emerges from us when we contemplate what is working well.  As we already know, the shift of our focus to the negative aspects of life perpetuates more of the same.  Instead of taking for granted all that is working well, return to celebrating the true joy of its existence.  Just as we can choose love over fear, we can choose gratitude for what is over dissatisfaction for what isn’t.

In summary, practicing gratitude shifts negativity such as worry, anxiety and self-doubt into contentment.  Contentment allows our appreciation and inner joy to blossom and be expressed into the outer world.  The outward expression of joy attracts more of what makes us joyful.

So, make the choice to free your joy.  Spend a few minutes, before you fall asleep at night or get out of bed in the morning, contemplating your thankfulness.  Stay with iterating your gratitude list until you feel contentment and joy filling all the cells in your heart and body.  Glory in your expression.  As with anything you repeatedly practice, one day joy will be your habit.

I am grateful that everything unfolding in my life is producing a miracle, which I co-created and can choose to change.

Right here, right now  — for what are you grateful?


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2 thoughts on “An Attitude of Gratitude — The Power of Perception

  • July 17, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I have to disagree with the like-attracts-like philosophy that is presented in this article. By accepting such ideas, the successful can attribute their success solely to themselves, and not good circumstances or just plain luck; while simultaneously blaming the downtrodden for their own dire situations.

    What about the role of circumstances and real life obstacles to achieving success and happiness?

    “The flip side of positivity is thus a harsh insistence on personal responsibility: if your business fails or your job is eliminated, it must be because you didn’t try hard enough, didn’t believe firmly enough in the inevitability of your success. As the economy has brought more layoffs and financial turbulence to the middle class, the promoters of positive thinking have increasingly emphasised this negative judgement: to be disappointed, resentful, or downcast is to be a ‘victim’ and a ‘whiner’..”

    -Barbara Ehrenreich

    • July 18, 2012 at 12:23 pm

      Hi Chris,
      Thank you for raising this point Chris. First let me respond by saying, I believe success or lack of it is a co-creative process between us and life. Our part of the process is to be clear about what we want for ourselves, while life’s job is to provide the opportunities from which we can then choose our direction. Once we are clear about the “what” then the opportunities to bring it about emerge, and we interpret them as positive or negative based on our perception. The more we are able to accept the emerging circumstances without judging them as bad or good, the more able we are to discover what we need to learn from each event. Events like death, divorce, job loss, etc. can and do trigger memories and emotions related to similar past experiences where we may have felt disappointment and resentment. Just as we get to choose our direction in life, so we get to choose how we feel. Our feelings are not created by something or someone outside of us. Therefore, I recognize feelings of disappointment and resentment as indications that I need to pay attention to what is happening inside me so I can address the reasons or causes underlying those feelings. The universe is designed in such a way that everything happens for a reason. It is often our inability to see the whole picture and our fear of the unknown and our uncertainty that can derail us from our chosen path.

      Staying true to ourselves relative to what we want allows us to see through what we might be judging as “bad” until we find/are able to see the “good.” I think the key here is to drop all judgment of oneself and others. Judgment is at the root of all suffering and fear.

      “Just as no one can define you with their judgments, neither do you have the privilege of defining others. When you stop judging and simply become the observer, you will know… inner peace. With that sense of inner peace, you’ll find yourself free of the negative energy of resentment, and you’ll be able to live a life of contentment. A bonus is that you’ll find that others are much more attracted to you. A peaceful person attracts peaceful energy.”

      – Wayne Dyer

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