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The Critical Path to Foundation, Flow and Freedom — Part IV: Creative Expression

Several weeks back, I began writing this four-part series in an attempt to describe a critical path for expanding one’s creative and spiritual growth.  Over many years of personal research, my experiences taught me that creativity and spirituality are intimately interwoven.  In fact, I often wonder if we are using two different words to describe the same “way of being.”   This series of blogs dabbles at demystifying our human “being-ness” by outlining four foundational pillars that liberate creativity — awareness, deep-felt experience, deep collaboration and finally, this blog’s topic, creative expression.

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Collaboration Conundrum

In a 25-year organizational consulting career, most of my time has been spent supporting enterprises to move from leader-managed teams

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  Several years ago, I began a consulting journey integrating IT systems with social and business systems.  I could see

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