Transforming Fear to Joy

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Real intimacy is only possible to the degree that we can be honest about what we are doing and feeling.  Joyce Brothers How would you

The Critical Path to Foundation, Flow and Freedom — Part IV: Creative Expression

Several weeks back, I began writing this four-part series in an attempt to describe a critical path for expanding one’s creative and spiritual growth.  Over many years of personal research, my experiences taught me that creativity and spirituality are intimately interwoven.  In fact, I often wonder if we are using two different words to describe the same “way of being.”   This series of blogs dabbles at demystifying our human “being-ness” by outlining four foundational pillars that liberate creativity — awareness, deep-felt experience, deep collaboration and finally, this blog’s topic, creative expression.

Relationships — Are Yours Push or Pull?

I am currently doing two things I really love — reinventing myself and collaborating with a like-spirited person.  Over the past eight months, my dear

Designing for Radical Transformation

wiangya / FreeDigitalPhotos.net What do you see as the greatest source of uncertainty in today’s world? Certainly, driving forces such as digitization, globalization and individuation

Are You a Network Citizen?

Whether you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bebo, Qzone or any of the hundred other social networks, the boundaries between our personal and professional lives