Transforming Fear to Joy

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Proper Sitting Crucial

Although sitting with an erect and fluid spine is the goal for pranayama and meditation (two of the eight limbs of yoga), it is also

The Back Door to Health

Yoga practitioners often hear from their teachers, “You are only as old as your spine is inflexible.”  Body and energy workers would agree that the

Big Muscles, Big Responsibility

Did you know that quadriceps means “four heads”?  This term of reference includes the four front thigh muscles that join at the quadriceps tendon to


Most of us take our necks for granted, even though every bite and breath we take and sound we make activates impulses through this relatively

Every Breath You Take

Are you aware of how you breathe? Did you know that most people are chronic shallow breathers due to stress in their lives and tightness

Restoring Calm and Ease

Our ability to remain calm and at ease has never been more crucial given today’s interconnected, volatile and complex world. With so much uncertainty confronting

Tilting the Pelvis to Touch our Toes

For many decades, a typical measure of health has been the ability to touch our toes.  Why?  Long and strong psoas muscles, indicators of physical

Wringing the Hips to Relieve Sciatica

Sciatica, loosely defined by the general public as pain in the lower back hip and localized on one side, most commonly occurs when a herniated

Bending Over Backwards For Wellness

Are you aware that you are as young as your spine is flexible?  Having healthy posture, that is maintaining the natural “S-shape” of your spine,

Wringing the Hips

A healthy body is capable of moving in many directions simultaneously.  For instance, during ice skating you would find yourself externally rotating the upper leg