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Be Happy or Be Normal?

In order to be happy, have you spent your life resisting social pressures to be normal?  Has anyone said to you, “Why can’t you be

Collaborations — Not All Are Equal

Whether your entrepreneurial spirit is showing up as an artist, a yoga teacher, a widget producer or an organization designer, most seemingly solo enterprise owners would agree that we can no longer “go it alone.” The complexity of business and the speed at which change is occurring require us to partner with those who have the information and skills we lack. Collaboration has become, without a doubt, the new normal when it comes to inventing and coordinating work. Of the four major projects I am currently working on, all are collaborations that involve anywhere from two to seven contributors.

Work’s Golden Era — 10 New Norms for Work

Assimilating the interconnected, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous—iVUCA—demands of our current socio-economic environment can trigger considerable stress in our work and workplaces. The upside of

Organization Design — Say What??? 

For the purposes of improvement and/or innovation, organizations redesign their strategies, structures, systems and processes. Over the past 25 years of collaborating with organizations to

Discovery & Design: The Personal is the Universal

(Co-authors:  Doug Austrom, Don de Guerre, Bob Laliberte, Bernard Mohr and Carolyn Ordowich) STS-RT Discovery Process Action research has been the foundation of Socio-technical Systems

Celebration Time – Come On!

It’s time to come together? It’s up to you, what’s your pleasure Everyone around the world? Come on!         Celebration by Kool & The Gang         

Governance Frameworks – 1.0 versus 2.0

Although governance is not a new term when we consider corporate, political, economic and development models, it appears to wear different masks in different arenas.