Transforming Fear to Joy

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Be Happy or Be Normal?

In order to be happy, have you spent your life resisting social pressures to be normal?  Has anyone said to you, “Why can’t you be

Mindfully Cultivating Confidence

At various times in our lives, each of us experiences the feeling we could do anything we desire.  It’s a powerful and uplifting sensation, so

Tipping from Confusion into Certainty

When was the last time you experienced confusion?  We all know that feeling of not being able to move forward on a project or make

Body, Mind & Spirit as Felt Experience

Over the past week, a discussion on “coming from the heart” versus “coming from intuition” led me to a new direct experience about awareness and

Divine Discourse

This past weekend, I had a thoughtful conversation with several yoga students on a subject near and dear to my heart—divinity. This is often a

A Season of Transition 

Autumn is looming on the horizon. In Northern climates like mine this means a whole host of activities emerge necessary to prepare us for the

Find Your Emotional Voice

Recently I read a sad story about loneliness, which as a mortality risk factor is currently ranked as high as smoking. Many diseases are either

Reflections on Awareness

Everything that irritates us about others [or our circumstances] can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.      Carl Jung The above quote by

Seeding Spirit’s Network

For the past seven years, I’ve written weekly about transformation whether within an organization, a team or my own personal being. As I say to