Transforming Fear to Joy

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The Critical Path to Foundation, Flow and Freedom — Part IV: Creative Expression

Several weeks back, I began writing this four-part series in an attempt to describe a critical path for expanding one’s creative and spiritual growth.  Over many years of personal research, my experiences taught me that creativity and spirituality are intimately interwoven.  In fact, I often wonder if we are using two different words to describe the same “way of being.”   This series of blogs dabbles at demystifying our human “being-ness” by outlining four foundational pillars that liberate creativity — awareness, deep-felt experience, deep collaboration and finally, this blog’s topic, creative expression.

All Change is Lifestyle Change

  When I was a 10-year old girl, change meant something new was about to happen; an adventure was in store.  Life was rich with

The Journey from Fear to Joy

This Joy Blog marks the beginning of my new way of being in the world. Throughout my life, writing has led me deeper into awareness