Transforming Fear to Joy

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When Less Really Is More

Are you feeling stretched to your maximum attending to the competing demands in your life?  With all that you have to do is it difficult

A Writer’s Voice

Over the past 10 weeks, I facilitated a meditation, writing and sharing program that hosted individuals keen on discovering and deepening their awareness and transformation

Mining the Soul by Penning the Truth

As you may have guessed by some of my previous blogs, my transformational practices are an eclectic mix of writing, meditation and yoga with writing

Meditation – Mind Altering without Drugs

Meditation is a practice aimed at strengthening concentration and stilling the mind.  Interestingly, no one counters me with, “Why would I want to stop my

How to Live Consciously

The Explorer is my longest-standing persona or archetype.  From my early days of reading Alice in Wonderland through to the worm-hole journey of mid-life, I