Yoga Actions


The following articles written by Helen, Candace and Stacy originally appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press bi-monthly column.

Big Muscles, Big Responsibility — Quad stretches important for knees and back

Side Bends Aren’t the Pits

Grounded and Centred

Opening the Heart — Heal body and mind, release peace, love and joy

The Root of All Things Good

Shoulder the Load

Move It or Lose It

Getting a Leg Up

The Examined Life

Keeping Your Cool

Sit Up — Take Care of Your Tailbone

Proper Sitting Crucial

The Back Door to Health

Flex Excess — Keys to avoid or fix hyperextension 

Eliminating the Pain in the Neck

Every Breath You Take

Restoring Calm and Ease

Tilting the Pelvis to Touch our Toes

Wringing the Hips to Relieve Sciatica

Bending Over Backwards For Wellness

Let’s Do the Twist

Get Grounded

On Terra Firma

Knee Bone’s Connected to the Hip Bone

Knees That Please

Wringing the Hips

Standing On Our Own Two Feet


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